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Money Making guide Jazz Method

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Money? We all love money & we all love grinding to make a huge bank! We all love being rich & have the perfect gear or outfit!

I'm here to make a money making guide that shows one of the best methods on Xithus to be rich in a fast way!

Method 1:

This method is non-combat & the only requirement you need is 80 Mining (go to mining area & mine ores (fastest way to level up to 80 mining.

a726d548dfe5e00688acf755ff45ed6e.png Level 40

4ddf2c66f758fbfc6ac490fd97fe1153.png Level 60

e00bf4cce2baa4a1eff62bbfbbd2f53c.png Level 70


After reaching 80 Mining you click on 6502a52fac6e69dde625e3ca2f2aee1b.png Quest tab


When you have clicked on the quest tab you have to find 'Crashed Star'

6502a52fac6e69dde625e3ca2f2aee1b.pngMake sure you have a free inventory when you going to mine the Crashed Star


a42dd6cd90085bde9efde0382c062166.png All sort of gems; rarest is Uncut Onyx (use to make amulet of fury)

ad92dba379eb67c03e39f16e56ffde0c.png These are worth 42K (42.500) EACH but they can also be used in the stardust shop at Mining area


Stardust Shop



Method 2:



Location; Brutal Green Dragons



Click on 'Spellbook' -> 'Dungeon Teleport' ->Ancient Cavern




Grimy Herbs (noted)
Noted gear (rune full helm, rune chainbody) drops around +20
Dragon bones
Casket (I prefer to safe them & try sell to people)

I prefer to safe all the herbs, noted items, bones & caskets!
People buy herbs, bones & caskets! For prayer, herblore & the caskets for loots!

Method 3:

Location: Outside bank at home


there is 5 stalls

stall 1 = Requirement; level 1 thieving = 43K cash for 1 full inventory (28) 2.5M each hour
stall 2 = Requirement; level 30 thieving = 84K cash for 1 full inventory (28) 5M each hour
stall 3 = Requirement; level 60 thieving = 179K cash for 1 full inventory (28) 10.7M each hour
stall 4 = Requirement; level 65 thieving =299K cash for 1 full inventory (28) 17.9M each hour
stall 5 = Requirement; level 80 thieving =362K cash for 1 full inventory (28) 21.7M each hour

57.8M cash in 6 hours

I think that is pretty decent to be honost

Edited by Jazz

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Very detailed thread, and I'm sure will be a great guide for beginning players. Well done, Jazz :)

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Great guide now I know how to make $.

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Good post man. Stuff like this is what new players typically ask for.

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