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  1. Staff Update 11/26/17

    You forgot @Jack, he was promoted to FMod ._. Congratulations to the people who were promoted nonetheless.
  2. This is a thread to clarify what are warning points & how do they work. If you've been wrongfully punished, submit a staff report HERE, and an appeal HERE. Punishment durations: 3 Points: 1 Day posting restrictions 6 Points: 3 Day posting restrictions 9 Points: 7 Day posting restrictions 12 Points: 15 Day posting restrictions 15 Points: 30 Day posting restrictions, 7 day forum ban 20 Points: 30 Day / Permanent ban All warnings expire in 30 days after being applied. Warning amounts & Reasons 1 Point: 1. Spamming 2. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 3. Backseat Moderation 4. Signature violations 5. Abusive behavior 3. Points: 1. Harassment 2. Pornography/Offensive/Inappropriate materials 3. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 4. Discrimination 6. Points: 1. Leaking someone's private data 2. Abusing systems 3. Ban evasion 12. Points: 1. Leaking staff chats, player's IRL info 2. Threatening the well being of the forums or its members 20. Points: 1. Advertisements 2. Scamming