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  3. Good day everyone Just wanted to update you guys that our server is now up and available to play. We are working on some other things as well but we will keep everyone informed on when these updates will take place and what will be happening with them. You can play the game by clicking "Play Now" up top We thank everyone for their patience and loyalty in this difficult time for both Ace and I. Thank you, Nyx | Head of Staff
  4. Good day, Xithus Players I wanted to thank everyone for their patience as we prepared a newer version of Xithus. There will be a full reset. Thank you and we hope you enjoy Xithus' newest improvements! - Ace and Nyx
  5. Staff Update 11/26/17

    I suppose I was always an FMod in his mind
  6. Staff Update 11/26/17

    You forgot @Jack, he was promoted to FMod ._. Congratulations to the people who were promoted nonetheless.
  7. Staff Update 11/26/17

    The following promotions have taken place as of 11/26/17 Promotions Sibul has been promoted to Forum Administrator Frost has been promoted to Server Moderator Jakfire has been promoted to Server Moderator Id like to welcome Sibul to the staff team. He started earlier this week as my Forum Moderator and Discord Moderator, but I figured I should probably up my security on both forums and server. With that said, I'd also like to congratulate Frost and Jakfire on Server Moderator. They've been doing well as Server Supports and very active. If they were Server Moderators in the first place, I believe the issue earlier would not have taken place. But I know I cant blame myself for that. Nyx | Head of Staff
  8. This is a thread to clarify what are warning points & how do they work. If you've been wrongfully punished, submit a staff report HERE, and an appeal HERE. Punishment durations: 3 Points: 1 Day posting restrictions 6 Points: 3 Day posting restrictions 9 Points: 7 Day posting restrictions 12 Points: 15 Day posting restrictions 15 Points: 30 Day posting restrictions, 7 day forum ban 20 Points: 30 Day / Permanent ban All warnings expire in 30 days after being applied. Warning amounts & Reasons 1 Point: 1. Spamming 2. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 3. Backseat Moderation 4. Signature violations 5. Abusive behavior 3. Points: 1. Harassment 2. Pornography/Offensive/Inappropriate materials 3. Intentionally breaking rules/Encouraging others to break rules 4. Discrimination 6. Points: 1. Leaking someone's private data 2. Abusing systems 3. Ban evasion 12. Points: 1. Leaking staff chats, player's IRL info 2. Threatening the well being of the forums or its members 20. Points: 1. Advertisements 2. Scamming
  9. Good day, Xithus players I'll make this very short and sweet: Ace and I will now be accepting OSRS and RS3 donations. (Confirm in-game or on discord that you're transacting with either Ace OR Nyx) You will find the transfer rates below: Runescape 3: 5.5 million GP = $1.00 Old School Runescape: 1 million GP = $1.00 Nyx | Head of Staff
  10. That's why its a long-term event Good luck!
  11. Buying Arma Xbow

    Just post here if you get the drop and are willing to sell!
  12. Staff Update 11/13/17

    We are currently looking to add one more server support to our lineup in the future, so please feel free to express your interest by applying with the following format and regulations HERE The following promotions and resignation have taken place as of 11/13/17 Promotions Frost has been promoted to Server Support Jakfire has been promoted to Server Support Demotion/Resignation God has resigned from Server Support Welcome to the Xithus Staff Team, Frost and Jakfire. We hope you'll do us proud, and good luck. We wish God good luck in any future endeavors he has. He will always be welcome back to Xithus. Nyx | Head of Staff
  13. [EVENT] First to Completionist Cape

    Just what i was thinking not talking about cutting 5k magic logs or getting 2k rocktails
  14. [EVENT] First to Completionist Cape

    I am pretty sure this isn't going to happen until at least next year. Amongst the hard achievements: "Deal 10M Melee Damage" " ... Range ..." " ... Magic ..." VERY hard!
  15. [EVENT] First to Completionist Cape

    LOL. Of the last event 🤗
  16. No one's been selected yet
  17. [EVENT] First to Completionist Cape

    Congratulations to the winners!
  18. Good day, Xithus players As an addition to our VOTM event, I am excited to announce the beginning of our new event/competition: First to Completionist Cape! Emphasis on Cape, you will be required to purchase the 100 million coin cape from Max in order to be considered a winner. 1st Place: $50 Scroll OR a non-OP custom item (This will be decided by Nyx) 2nd Place: $35 Scroll & 5 Legendary Mystery Boxes 3rd Place: $25 Scroll & 5 Legendary Mystery Boxes Good luck to all and may the best, and fastest, players win Nyx | Head of Staff
  19. Good day, Xithus players. Today I am excited to announce the start of our recurring event: Voter of the Month! We are able to track the progress of how many votes a player has per month by using the tracker on the right hand side of the vote page. Good luck to everyone, and I'll see you in-game! Nyx | Head of Staff
  20. [EVENT] First to Maxed Stats

    Congratulations to Frost on 1st place, The Left Nut on 2nd place, and Erebos on 3rd place. They've all received their prizes. Thank you to all participants!
  21. [EVENT] First to Maxed Stats

    Frosty just beat me to max But i don't think he has the cape yet haha!
  22. https://imgur.com/a/xOADe
  23. [EVENT] First to Maxed Stats

    Congratulations to Frost on nr. 1 !!!!
  24. Bug Fixes 08/11/17

    Looks good <3 looking forward to more updates from you
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  26. Hey it's Jack

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